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other memorable events

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watched in cinema
date | title + link to imdb | my rating | My review

1/17/16 | The Revenant | **** | My Review

5/15/16 | The Jungle Book (2016) | **** | My Review

7/4/16 (saw it yesterday, completed the review today because of tiredness yesterday) | Finding Dory | ***** | My Review

8/4/16 (saw it yesterday, completed review today) | Star Trek V: The Final Frontier | *** | My Review

8/7/16 | Star Trek Beyond | *** | My Review

8/22/16 | Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country | **** | My Review

9/3/16 | Star Trek Generations | **** | My Review

9/7/16 | Star Trek: First Contact | ***** | My Review

11/6/16 | Star Trek: Nemesis | * | My Review/Rant

11/27/16 | Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them | **** | My Review

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- favourite
show | season | episode, episode's title

Wings | Season One | Episode One, "Legacy". <3

The Big Bang Theory | Season Nine, Episode Seventeen, "The Celebration Experimentation". <3 (Pure heartwarming, and Barry hitting on Leonard's mom was both embarrassing and hilarious)

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favourite songs

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favourite albums

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dates (started-finished) | author | title | short review

? - 1/3/16 | Stephen King | The Dark Tower: The Dark Tower | Wonderful, beautiful book, but Jesus, some of it is pretty damn cruel.

? - 1/6/16 | Stephen King | Under The Dome | Wonderful book, but really disturbing, and I think it's actually applicable to some shit today as well as when it was originally written.

1/12/16 - 1/13/16 | Stephen King | Gerald's Game | Definitely avoid if you're triggered by the subjects it discusses, but it's a wonderful book. Jessie is one of his best female characters, I think.

? - 1/16/16 | Cheryl Rainfield | Scars | Very triggering book, as a warning, but wonderful.

? - 1/27/16 | Stephen King | It | Amazing book. The miniseries, while damn good, does not do it justice.

? - 1/29-16 | Stephen King | Doctor Sleep | Amazing book. Abra definitely makes it, as does Danny Torrance's journey. And the True Knot are awesome villains.

? - 2/9/16 | Stephen Chbosky | The Perks of Being A Wallflower | Wonderful book.

2/10/16 - 2/10/16 | Terry Pratchett | The Color of Magic | Wonderful, entertaining book, and a good introduction into this verse.

? - 2/28/16 | Stephen King | Duma Key | Powerful, moving book.

? - 3/1/16 | Stephen King | Lisey's Story | Great book, but Scott's backstory is fucking heartwrenching.

? - 3/3/16 | Stephen King | Insomnia | Started off as confusing at first, but the ending is...really moving. And the love story in the book is just plain beautiful.

3/6/16 - 3/6/16 | Joe Hill | Heart-Shaped Box | It's usually hard to get into Hill's style for me, but I liked this one!

? - 3/6/16 | Terry Pratchett | The Light Fantastic | Wonderful, just wonderful. Really creative spin on tropes and such.

3/6/16 - 3/6/16 | Terry Pratchett | Snuff | Really enjoyable book! Don't know if I'm reading the Discworld series in the right order, but nevertheless, I'm starting to love it.

? - 3/8/16 | Stephen King | Desperation | Damn good book.

? - 3/17/16 | Stephen King | 11/22/63 | Amazing. Book. The ending is just...damn.

? - 3/25/16 | Stephen King | The Talisman | Beautiful book.

? - 3/27/16 | Stephen King | Firestarter | Great book. Charlie McGee's relationship with her dad is wonderful.

4/4/16 - 4/4/16 | Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)| Thinner | Wonderful, creepy, goddamn bleak book.

4/7/16 - 4/7/16 | Stephen King | Christine | Just bonechilling.

4/19/16 - 4/19/16 | Cheryl Rainfield | Stained | Really gripping, awesome book.

4/20/16 - 4/20/16 | Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) | The Regulators | Goddamn disturbing book.

? - 4/22/16 | Stephen King | The Tommyknockers | Actually a lot better than I thought it would be!

5/8/16 - 5/8/16 | Claudia Gray | Bloodline | Major, major step up from the last Legends stuff. Leia is a badass here.

? - 5/26/16 | Stephen King | Bag of Bones | The climax was awesome! Other than that, I'd say the book was okay.

6/7/16 - 6/7/16 | Stephen King | End of Watch | Amazing end to the Bill Hodges trilogy. Seriously.

9/2/16 - 9/3/16 | William Shatner, with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens | Captain's Blood | The Reman plot was wasted at the end, but the cliffhanger was amazing, and, by and large, the book was really good.

9/3/16 - 9/3/16 | William Shatner, with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens | Dark Victory | Tiberius is a scary sonuvabitch. Enough said.

? - 12/4/16 | Joe Hill | NOS4A2 | It was okay, I guess. I did like the ending, and Charlie Manx was interesting. Some of the side-characters were interesting. But I think the idea could have been done better.

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author |title + link to the post

White Squirrel | His Mother's Love

White Squirrel | I've Always Wanted To Use That Spell

DobbyElfLord | Weres Harry

Na'hiel | Heir (Trigger warning for child abuse mentions)

Mirandoo | Through Different Eyes

lordhellebore | A Different Fate

Skullsandduggery | It's Not The Raptor DNA

Skullsandduggery | It's Not The Raptor DNA One-Shot Collection

Skullsandduggery | Follow The Flare

Mia Vaan | Safe And Sound


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Kylo Ren | Ben Solo | When You Break -- irydionlover93

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memorable lj-posts/other online posts

5 Ways To Take Care of Yourself Today

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NaNoWriMo updates

I've won NaNoWriMo. Well, words-wise. Just doing some fine-tuning right now and I might be uploading some chapters to Wattpad and whatnot. Someone at my horseback riding told me about Wattpad and I figured that I should at least give it a shot. Dip my toes in the water. It's a pain so far, but it's interesting nonetheless and cool. Hopefully I can get this all together.

Got back from Fantastic Beasts.

And it was decent enough. I liked it.

Newt Scamander and the Dozens of Spoilers. (That wasn"t a very witty cut title, sorry)Collapse )

So overall? Pretty good movie. I recommend it.

In Memoriam

Ron Glass


NaNo updates

First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you're having a great one. Now, onto NaNo. Have 42,554 words right now, and pleased that my Monster Slayer wants more dimensions to his character. Seriously did not expect that. Great job, man.

NaNoWriMo updates

Currently have 40,874 words. Jesus. Anyway, I think I'm doing pretty well so far. I am getting more into the head of my villain, for starters, and starting to feel like he isn't just some evil Van Helsing. Even had some nice Even Evil Has Loved Ones moments. So I am getting there. I am.

NaNoWriMo updates

Currently have 35,773 words. Jesus. Anyway, did well, even if for this bit of writing time I wonder if I went too far.

Good news. Great news, in fact.

Currently have 34,070 words, and some stiff fingers, but an overall sense of feeling like I got some good crap done in the midst of everything else. I also noticed that my work is getting more paranoid in tone -- there is the subject matter, of course, and then there's...well, recent events. Let's say it's a case of real life bleeding into fiction. At least I got some characters right. I hope.

NaNoWriMo updates

Current word count is 30,723 words. Jesus. Anyway, worked more on the vampire spirit's scene. I'm starting to like him. Gah, I want to do a prequel to this almost, but it's too soon.

NaNoWriMo updates

Currently have 27,332 words so far. Not bad. Not bad at all. And I'm starting to feel for the first time that they're not crap either. Phew.

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