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1/22/17 | Split | *** | My review

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1/15/17 - 1/15/17 | James Scott Bell | No Legal Grounds | It was a pretty tight page-turner, it really was!

1/15/17 - 1/15/17 | James Scott Bell | Sins of the Father | Definitely one of my favorites so far. Holy crap.

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Heroic Vulnerability, Not Action, Defines the Star Wars Series | Leah Schnelbach, TOR

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Chapter 43: Sparring Practice

 In which Poe confronts Yana and goes to one of Ben's sessions. Also, Poe gets pretty turned on from Ben sparring. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Trigger warning for brief discussion of domestic violence (not what actually happens, but definite worries on Kes Dameron's part). 

Also, on a much lighter note, this is the first sexual scene that I've actually written in a plotty story. (Standalones don't count) I admit I'm a little nervous about this. 

I'd like to come to one of Ben's lessons.Collapse )


Chapter Forty-Two: A Matter of Ren

In which Yana trains Ben some more, and Poe gets a glimpse into Ben's Force abilities.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: The concept of ren here and its origins is something I made up specifically for this 'verse. It's sort of a case of me being very loosely influenced (emphasis on "very loosely", as I don't think -- emphasis on "think" -- that ka was treated as religiously as ren is by Yana/Snoke) by reading The Dark Tower and its concept of ka. *Really needs to get back into that book series especially since the movie's coming out* I needed a bit of a backstory for why they were called the Knights of Ren (as opposed to, say, the Knights of Snoke, etc.) and this came about.

Also, Yana/Snoke's views are obviously not my own. Really. And the bit about "the elements align" is taken from the Alan Dean Foster novelization (in fact, the Alan Dean Foster novelization definitely influenced my version of Snoke. If you check it out, his villainous characters really do sound like they swallowed the thesaurus, especially Kylo Ren, but it's still a great novelization. And it gives Snoke a personality that I can go off of), which was part of how the backstory of ren was inspired. I can see Snoke as being a believer in some things being destined -- if that makes any sense. 

You did well today.Collapse )


HC Bingo card


undeserved reputation
skeletons in the
major illness or injury

This took a while to post, but I had some technical difficulties.

Chapter Forty-One: Trust and Darkness

 In which Poe and Ben have a chat. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Just a quick warning for some of the characters being briefly mentioned as...let's say having disturbing views that I don't share. Also, this was pretty hard to write. Scenes I can do, aftermath scenes...not so much. 

I can't lose you.Collapse )


Chapter Forty: Find A Center In You

 In which Narudar is interrogated. Things get nasty.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Trigger warning for scenes of interrogation and torture. If that stuff upsets you, it's definitely best you skip this chapter. 

Also, chapter title taken from the lyrics to "Sober" by Tool. It's one of those songs I thought was appropriate for this story.

Had he gone too far?Collapse )


Chapter Thirty Nine: Blood and Ashes

 In which our heroes track Narudar to Dantooine, Ben has a self-loathing attack, and Poe has his own monsters to deal with.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: I'm going to be honest, Ben's mental breakdown after getting cut by Narudar wasn't planned -- it just suddenly happened. Oh, Ben. *Hugs* I really need to do something nice for you, I swear to God. Poe too, actually. Also, the last name "Adare" is definitely a KOTOR II shout-out -- Terena Adare was awesome in K2 (one of my favorite things about K2 was the sheer amount of strong female characters. K1 as well, with Bastila, etc.) and I'd like to think her descendants are around still being awesome. 

Dantooine could not have seemed more empty.Collapse )


Chapter Thirty-Eight: Finding Narudar

 In which Narudar surfaces, and our heroes have to go and find him.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Be careful, Poe.Collapse )


Chapter 37: Freefall

 In which Ben continues to train. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Did his uncle really want him to have a damaged core?Collapse )


Chapter 36: Trust

 In which Yana/Snoke continues to manipulate Ben, and we see the first sign of Ben falling. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Was what I did right, though?Collapse )


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