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watched in cinema
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1/17/16 | The Revenant | **** | My Review

5/15/16 | The Jungle Book (2016) | **** | My Review

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- favourite
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Wings | Season One | Episode One, "Legacy". <3

The Big Bang Theory | Season Nine, Episode Seventeen, "The Celebration Experimentation". <3 (Pure heartwarming, and Barry hitting on Leonard's mom was both embarrassing and hilarious)

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dates (started-finished) | author | title | short review

? - 1/3/16 | Stephen King | The Dark Tower: The Dark Tower | Wonderful, beautiful book, but Jesus, some of it is pretty damn cruel.

? - 1/6/16 | Stephen King | Under The Dome | Wonderful book, but really disturbing, and I think it's actually applicable to some shit today as well as when it was originally written.

1/12/16 - 1/13/16 | Stephen King | Gerald's Game | Definitely avoid if you're triggered by the subjects it discusses, but it's a wonderful book. Jessie is one of his best female characters, I think.

? - 1/16/16 | Cheryl Rainfield | Scars | Very triggering book, as a warning, but wonderful.

? - 1/27/16 | Stephen King | It | Amazing book. The miniseries, while damn good, does not do it justice.

? - 1/29-16 | Stephen King | Doctor Sleep | Amazing book. Abra definitely makes it, as does Danny Torrance's journey. And the True Knot are awesome villains.

? - 2/9/16 | Stephen Chbosky | The Perks of Being A Wallflower | Wonderful book.

2/10/16 - 2/10/16 | Terry Pratchett | The Color of Magic | Wonderful, entertaining book, and a good introduction into this verse.

? - 2/28/16 | Stephen King | Duma Key | Powerful, moving book.

? - 3/1/16 | Stephen King | Lisey's Story | Great book, but Scott's backstory is fucking heartwrenching.

? - 3/3/16 | Stephen King | Insomnia | Started off as confusing at first, but the ending is...really moving. And the love story in the book is just plain beautiful.

3/6/16 - 3/6/16 | Joe Hill | Heart-Shaped Box | It's usually hard to get into Hill's style for me, but I liked this one!

? - 3/6/16 | Terry Pratchett | The Light Fantastic | Wonderful, just wonderful. Really creative spin on tropes and such.

3/6/16 - 3/6/16 | Terry Pratchett | Snuff | Really enjoyable book! Don't know if I'm reading the Discworld series in the right order, but nevertheless, I'm starting to love it.

? - 3/8/16 | Stephen King | Desperation | Damn good book.

? - 3/17/16 | Stephen King | 11/22/63 | Amazing. Book. The ending is just...damn.

? - 3/25/16 | Stephen King | The Talisman | Beautiful book.

? - 3/27/16 | Stephen King | Firestarter | Great book. Charlie McGee's relationship with her dad is wonderful.

4/4/16 - 4/4/16 | Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)| Thinner | Wonderful, creepy, goddamn bleak book.

4/7/16 - 4/7/16 | Stephen King | Christine | Just bonechilling.

4/19/16 - 4/19/16 | Cheryl Rainfield | Stained | Really gripping, awesome book.

4/20/16 - 4/20/16 | Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) | The Regulators | Goddamn disturbing book.

? - 4/22/16 | Stephen King | The Tommyknockers | Actually a lot better than I thought it would be!

5/8/16 - 5/8/16 | Claudia Gray | Bloodline | Major, major step up from the last Legends stuff. Leia is a badass here.

? - 5/26/16 | Stephen King | Bag of Bones | The climax was awesome! Other than that, I'd say the book was okay.

6/7/16 - 6/7/16 | Stephen King | End of Watch | Amazing end to the Bill Hodges trilogy. Seriously.

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author |title + link to the post

White Squirrel | His Mother's Love

White Squirrel | I've Always Wanted To Use That Spell

DobbyElfLord | Weres Harry

Na'hiel | Heir (Trigger warning for child abuse mentions)

Mirandoo | Through Different Eyes

lordhellebore | A Different Fate

Skullsandduggery | It's Not The Raptor DNA

Skullsandduggery | It's Not The Raptor DNA One-Shot Collection

Skullsandduggery | Follow The Flare

Mia Vaan | Safe And Sound


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5 Ways To Take Care of Yourself Today

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From erychan86.

- Pick any day (or more than one, go wild, I won't judge you) and ask any question I mean it... ask ANYTHING from fandom stuff to real life, don't be shy cause I'm not!
- Multiple questions are not a problem, I'm ready to open up people...

July 1st - How is 2016 going, fandom-wise, RL-wise or both?
July 2nd -
July 3rd -
July 4th -
July 5th -
July 6th -
July 7th -
July 8th -
July 9th
July 10th - Favorite Star Wars movie and why.
July 11th -
July 12th -
July 13th -
July 14th -
July 15th -
July 16th -
July 17th -
July 18th -
July 19th -
July 20th -
July 21st -
July 22nd -
July 23rd -
July 24th - Favorite Doctor Who companion
July 25th - Favorite Doctor and why?
July 26th -
July 27th -
July 28th -
July 29th -
July 30th -
July 31st -


In Memoriam

Anton Yelchin


Got back from The Jungle Book.

It was okay.

It"s the bare necessities of -- spoilers!Collapse )

So overall? Definitely give it a go. Mostly for Elba and the others, Mowgli being a badass, and the awesome score. And the great ending.

From philstar.

Give me a show/fandom and I'll answer these questions:

The most beautiful character:
The character I admire most:
The character with a skill, ability, or knowledge that I wish I had:
The character I'm most attracted to:
The character I would most want to hang out with and be the most fun BFFs with:
The character I would most trust with my secrets:
The character that I ship with the most other characters in the show/movie:
The character that had the most wasted potential in canon (the character that canon kind of screwed over):
The character I love even though I don't like the actor, -or- a character I don't like even though I love the actor:
If the show were to take one of the 'good guy' characters and reveal that she/he was secretly a bad guy all along, which character would I choose?:
The character that seems most aware of his/her own faults or limits:
The character that I like way better than I used to:


Genderflipped Force Awakens Casting

Haven't done one of these in a long while. Anyway, I figured that I'd do this just because it kind of struck me out of nowhere.

Casting Under CutCollapse )

Just saw The Revenant...

...and well...wow. Really good movie, but really fucking intense and disturbing.

Warning for spoilers and possible gory discussion.Collapse )

So overall? It's definitely worth a view. Fair warning, though -- it's pretty depressing.

In Memoriam

Alan Rickman


Good morning, 2016!

Wow. Here's hoping that this year will be a smoother ride than last year -- ah, who am I kidding? Might as well be tempting fate here. Don't get me wrong; last year had a lot of wonderful moments for me, but it also had a lot of rocky parts. Best I can do is treasure the more sedate parts of January while they last.

And in the meanwhile, my New Year's resolutions!

-I will get published. Like, seriously, I should. It's about time. Even if it's just online publishing, I should at least try and get my original fiction out there.

-I will get my thoughts under control. Let's say that last year I had a bit of a mental breakdown as the year progressed. I've been using meditation and such, fortunately, so I can at least have emergency techniques for when things get bad.

-I will focus on school, but not to the point where I have a near-mental-breakdown. Seriously, that was another part of my near-breakdown last year -- stress regarding school.

-I will try to be less of a grumpy old lady in a college student's body.

-I will continue to broaden my horizons.

-I will try to achieve more independence. I'm a grown woman, after all.

-I will (oh dear God) retake Driver's Ed.

-I will, at one point, apply for a job.

-I will try to stay healthy in mind, heart, soul, relationships and body.

Those are my New Year's Resolutions at least. I don't know how good I'll be at keeping them, but they're a good starting point.

So I *finally* saw The Force Awakens...

...and it was good! Really good, actually. I enjoyed it.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far a -- spoilers!Collapse )

So overall? Go see it! Trust me, it's amazing.

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