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Chapter 31: Escape Route

In which Haranka returns.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Tonight was the night. Haranka could feel it deep inside his bones. Even as the prisoners muttered in the cells next to him, even as the guards held their trivial conversations, he knew that something truly extraordinary was coming this way.

And it arrived in the form of two figures who were strangely dressed -- the most Haranka could describe them was that one wore a golden, Mandalorian-esque mask, one wore full bounty hunter armor combined with a long robe.

“You’ve come to see me?” Haranka said. “I did not think I’d have visitors.”

“The Supreme Leader sent us,” said the man in the golden mask -- his voice sounded like crackling fires, spreading through forests. “Come now, Haranka. We have places to go.”

And Haranka knew, exactly, what he had to do. Their work was not done yet. The Supreme Leader still needed them.

The only issue was the matter of the guards, but even that was easy. They shot at them, but they were warded off so easily by Lisaris’ lightsaber, deflecting the blows with grace and skill. The way he fought, Haranka thought, he was a man who had done battle before, in more desperate situations than this. The same, for that matter, as Narudar -- it seemed his joy for the battle ripped through the room along with the blaster bolts he fired off.

Battle was the purest form of expression. Words could express emotions but they were merely words -- they could trick, either consciously or no. It was battle where the guards were free to show their true emotions, battle where the guards were free to show their true nature.

And in that moment, Haranka knew that they were useless. Cowards. Disgusting and unworthy. They did not deserve to live. Even looking over their bodies, he knew that much.

With Lisaris and the Mandalorian, Haranka stalked coldly over their bodies and towards the hangar bay, and he never looked back.


Even arriving on the scene was a bloodbath, and it didn’t take a Force sensitive to understand what had just happened. Sarik, still groggy, could only look around at the bodies of the guards, and realized with a jolt that quite a few of them looked as if they had been cloven open with a lightsaber.

“Oh dear stars,” one of the CSF officers said. “Dear stars. Their chests -- ’’

“I know,” Sarik said.

“You don’t think one of the Jedi -- ’’

“No.” Sarik said. “I think he’s got an ally. Probably a Sith.”

“The Sith have been dead since Endor, right?”

“Yeah.” Of course, from what Sarik had heard, just like gizka, they always came back. Except at least gizka were cute. Sith...not so much. “Still...either way, someone with a lightsaber’s involved in this. And I’m going to figure out who.”


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